• City of Dallas Post Construction IAQ Baseline Sampling

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    City of Dallas Post Construction IAQ Baseline Sampling

    No doubt you’ve heard about it by now, or perhaps your company has started a project that falls under the new 2012 City of Dallas Green Ordinance. If you are not familiar with it yet, Ordinance No. 28813, approved by the Dallas City Council on September 26, 2012, is an ordinance amending Chapter 52, “Administrative Procedures for the Construction Codes,” Chapter 53, “Dallas Building Code,” and Chapter 57, “Dallas One- and Two-Family Dwelling Code,” of the Dallas City Code. The ordinance requires one 4 hour baseline test for volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) for every 25,000 square feet of space built in the City of Dallas after October 1, 2013. This is also referred to as the 804.2 Post-Construction, Pre-Occupancy Baseline IAQ Testing.

    Brighton Solutions, Inc. (BSI) is conducting the section 804.2, Post-Construction, Pre-Occupancy Baseline IAQ Testing portion of the 2012 City of Dallas Green Ordinance for your projects. BSI owns, maintains, and uses the latest state of the art testing equipment on the market and therefore can respond to your projects needs with little lead time! In most cases, testing reports will be in your possession by the next business day!

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