• Managed IoT Services

      We offer 24/7 remote temperature monitoring and leak detection solutions with automated reports and alerts that delivers substantial time and money savings! 

    Commercial Refrigeration Monitoring 

    Hospitals, hotels, and food service organizations are required by law to record temperature readings at regular intervals throughout the day, but many struggle to maintain compliance. Non-compliance leads to poor food safety, costly product loss, regulatory fines, reputational damage, and excessive labor costs.

    Our remote temperature monitoring solution remotely automates refrigeration temperature monitoring, delivering substantial time and money savings!

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    Water Leak Detection Monitoring

    To avoid costly water damage repairs throughout your home or office, protect water damage prone areas with our remote leak detection sensors!  

    Peace of Mind

    Customized notifications and reports delivered to you from our platform gives you peace of mind that all your areas of potential water damage are being continuously monitored by these sensors saving you time and money!

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